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Are you Interested in a Free Vehicle Valuation in Toronto?

Are you ready to receive your free vehicle valuation estimate? Get started today with Airport Mazda of Toronto's latest innovative online tools, we offer simple and easy ways to find out what your car is worth! 

Visit our Trade-in appraisal page today and within minutes you'll receive an accurate estimation for your vehicle's current market value. Our product advisors are always ready to help, contact us today to learn more.



Information on Preparing Your Used Car for Sale

Selling your current vehicle is all about presentation. We all want our current vehicle to look presentable so that we can maximize the value of the car. Be sure to take some time and complete the following checklist to help you maximize the return on your trade-in:

Fix minor aesthetic issues

Small scratches on your vehicle can often be resolved by painting over the affected areas. If your current vehicle has small dents, then be sure to have those fixed before trading in your vehicle.

Fix necessary repairs

If your used vehicle requires new tires or requires maintenance and repairs for wear/tear parts, it's always best to ensure you repair the vehicle and maintain the record of repairs. Our expert service technicians can be of assistance, schedule a service with our experts today and we'll get your vehicle in tip-top shape for the trade-in.

Beautify the exterior

Be sure to wash your used car, and we recommend you polish the vehicle before you bring it in. It helps us to know you've taken good care of your vehicle.

Fix window cracks or defects

If your vehicle's windows or windshield have minor or major cracks due to debris damage, it's always best to get it repaired to maximize the value of your trade-in.

Clean the engine compartments

It's important to clean your engine compartments thoroughly to ensure there is no debris and to verify that your vehicle doesn't require any additional repairs. Be sure to take time to clean under the hood to prepare your vehicle for sale

Clean the interior

It's important your vehicle is beautiful on the outside and inside. Over the years of use, you'll find debris and dust inside your vehicle. Take time to clean the interior carpets with a wash, clean the seats and infotainment system. Using a vehicle detailing service can help your vehicle look it's best.

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