Get Acquainted With Airport Mazda’s New Lineup of 2021 Mazda Models in Toronto, Ontario

Mazda has made some changes to its new 2021 lineup, all of them in the interest of fine-tuning the models you’ve come to know and love. This year’s stable has graced our star-studded showroom with its presence, and if you’re in the market for a vehicle and based in either Toronto, ON or the nearby areas of Mississauga, Etobicoke, Markham, or Bramption, contact our Airport Mazda dealership and we’ll be happy to walk you through our new and used inventory.

A Look at the Exciting Changes to the New 2021 Mazda Lineup

Mazda’s old faithful can rest easy knowing the brand’s beloved staples have hit the market yet again this year, while those less familiar with Mazda’s affordable stable will become loyal constituents in short order. Leading the charge in 2021 is the sophomore CX-30, a refined and modern subcompact crossover that’s drawn rave reviews and boasts the same interior as the long-running, fan-favourite Mazda3, available in both seven different trims and all-wheel drive for its hatchback and sedan incarnations. The ever-stylish Mazda6 has also returned to its rightful place among the new 2021 Mazda lineup, as has the rear-wheel drive MX-5 Miata - the resident two-seat roadster – enlarged for a more comfortable ride and built for those who enjoy hitting the road with the top down. Rounding out this year’s Mazda lineup are the striking CX-3 – simplified to facilitate other in-house innovations - CX-5 and CX-9, a coveted trio of crossovers with measurables ranging from subcompact to midsize. In short, the 2021 Mazda fleet has something for everyone, guaranteeing riveting drives and refined interiors across the board.

What Are the Key Differences Between the 2020 and new 2021 Mazda CX-5?


For starters, those wondering whether there will be a 2021 Mazda CX-5 can rest easy. Not only has the compact crossover hit the market this year, Mazda has made great efforts to address its faithful’s concerns, beginning with the new CX-5’s improved tech and connectivity functions. Out with the 2020 CX-5’s seven-inch infotainment touchscreen, in with the 2021 CX-5’s 10.3-inch touchscreen and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, now standard throughout the lineup. The 2020 CX-5’s sporty aesthetic and quiet drive now belong to the 2021 crossover, which can now be upgraded with a variety of driver-attention monitoring features and reverse automatic emergency braking. The turbo-diesel option may not be available in this year’s CX-5, but Mazda has taken great care in designing this brand new Carbon Edition trim of the beloved crossover.

What Are the Key Differences Between the Mazda CX-5 GT and the Mazda CX-5 GS?

The 2021 Mazda CX-5 GT boasts the same reliable hardware and dimensions as the CX-5 GS, although the former comes in an all-wheel drive as opposed to the GS’ front-wheel drive. But what really sets the new CX-5 GT apart from the GS are its interior features, namely its climate control, navigation system, head-up display, premium sound system, and seat configuration memory. That said, the GS is nothing to sneeze at in the safety department, as Mazda has replicated its package for the 2021 CX-5 GT, including traction control, brake assist and blind-spot monitoring, among other functions.

Which is the Best 2021 Mazda Model?

Determining the crown jewel of Mazda’s new inventory is a daunting task to say the least, as tastes and needs vary from driver to driver. On the other hand, one would be remiss to dismiss the improvements made to the Mazda3, while the CX-5 stands out as a dark horse of sorts to the competition in its category thanks to its improved tech features and striking design. The CX-30 is another standout from the new 2021 Mazda lineup, having drawn much praise for its modernity, dynamic drive, and first-rate interior synonymous with the Mazda name. In other words, there’s no runt in the proverbial litter, as Mazda’s 2021 lineup has something for the tech enthusiast, the traditional motorist, and every driver in between.

If you’d like to know more about Airport Mazda’s new and used inventory or get a closer look at the new 2021 Mazda lineup, contact us and a member of our team be happy to fill you in.

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