Used Demo Cars for Sale in Toronto, Ontario

Our staff at Airport Mazda of Toronto can help you purchase a demo car, or any other vehicle, from the time you start your new search, to financing, delivery, and ongoing care for your car. Buy with confidence, buy a Mazda!

Used Demo Cars for Sale in Toronto, Ontario

Ontario Vehicle Sales Regulator - Buy with Confidence

Save Money Buying an Used Demo Cars for Sale in Toronto, Ontario

Have your heart set on a new vehicle but want to see a lower price on the window? You're in luck! Airport Mazda, in Toronto, often lists demo cars from our showroom for sale. You can take home a new Mazda from our showroom onto your driveway at a discounted cost! You get all the bells and whistles a New Mazda has to offer and you get to keep a little extra cash in your wallet.

What is a Demo Car?

Demo cars are new vehicles that have been offered to our customers to test drive or placed for display in our showroom. When buying a brand-new vehicle often customers like to test drive a model to assess if it is a good fit for them and we do not expect our customers to buy the car they test drive. Rather they are delivered a car in truly brand-new condition upon purchase.

Are Demo Cars a Good Buy?

Absolutely! Demo cars are given the same consideration at Airport Mazda as any other vehicle purchased from us. Our Service Department completes a full inspection before purchase so you can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in excellent condition, and the same warranty conditions apply after purchase.


Demo cars listed for sale don't last long so be sure to continuously check our website to find the Mazda that was made for you!