What's Your Car Worth? Find out with Airport Mazda of Toronto

Are you looking to upgrade your existing vehicle and not sure what your car's current market value is? At Airport Mazda of Toronto, we can help! With product advisors and online tools that provide accurate estimations on the current market value of your vehicle, we can help you understand what your car is worth if you're interested in trading it in for something new. Located at 415 Rexdale Blvd in Toronto, Ontario, our customers in Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Toronto, and Etobicoke prefer our online tools to help them discover an accurate estimated trade-in valuation for their vehicles.

Our online tools are accessible, convenient, and secure, so you can feel confident when using them. The steps outlined below will help you understand the process and utilization of our online tools.

Step 1: Shop for your next vehicle

Upgrading to a new vehicle can be exciting. The thrill of the new car smell, brand new tires, glossy paint, and the latest tech innovations all available at Airport Mazda of Toronto. Browse through our ample online selection of new Mazda models and quality pre-owned vehicles. We're confident you'll find your next vehicle online or in our showroom. Once you've found the vehicle you'd like to purchase, you can customize your payments online, and structure your deal your way. It's important that you decide how much you want to pay and when, so our online tools offer you the opportunity to make those decisions. Finally, you'll want to begin entering your trade-in information using our state-of-the-art online tool from Kelley Blue Book, the most trusted source for vehicle valuation in North America.

Step 2: Tell us about your vehicle's description

Select your current vehicle's make, model and year of manufacturing. With over 45 different makes to choose from, we're certain you'll find your vehicle using our online Kelley Blue Book valuation tool.

Step 3: Select your vehicle color

Next, you'll select the vehicle's color so we can utilize it to help determine the popularity of the vehicle in the market. If you're unsure of the colour of your vehicle, our Kelley Blue Book valuation tool provides you with online colour palettes to help you identify the colour of your vehicle.

Step 4: Vehicle condition and odometer

Once you've selected your colour, you'll be presented with options to identify your vehicle's current aesthetic condition (interior and exterior). You can choose from options including fair, good, very good, or excellent condition if your vehicle has no scratches or aesthetic damage. Having selected the vehicle's current condition, you can then enter your odometer reading for the current time to help us understand the use of the vehicle.

Step 5: Tell us a little about yourself

Once you've provided some details about your vehicle, we'll want to know a little about you so we can get in touch with you. Our secure online tool is easy to use and requires only minimal information, including your full name and preferred method of contact. Upon completion, be sure to click the "Get my trade-in estimate" button to receive an accurate estimation of the value of your current vehicle. Once our experts receive your information, they'll get in touch with you to help you finalize your trade-in and upgrade to your new car.

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